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abba for the record, special features abba, abba exclusive, up to date, abba readers digest, discomate, focus on abba, abba magazine, abba poster Before you start running to Ebay to see if the following items can be found on auction, look again! This is just a fun regard at what might have been. Despite the fact these record sleeves never really existed, nor probably ever will, it's still fun to imagine what the people at the record companies could have come up with? abba special feature, abba special features, abba special collection, abba exclusive ABBA Special Features ABBA - Special Features. Arrival, The Album, Voulez-Vous anniversaries, Colour Vinyl, Promos, Box sets and more. abba, record, special, features, exclusive, collections, category, fun, unique, rare, extremely, fanbase, stig, club, singles, unreleased, bootleg, demo's, studio, mamma-mia